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Published by Liz on December 12, 2022

Take a digital marketing course today

Digital marketing, which is promoting a business by using the internet through computers, tablets and smartphones is becoming an essential tool in the toolbox of business marketing and without this element of advertising a business it is very difficult to achieve the success that any company desires. For new businesses or those that have been…

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Published by Liz on October 19, 2022

Finding the right platform to market your business

Marketing a business can be tricky. There are so many different places in which you can advertise you may not know where is best to invest your time and money. For some businesses, the best place to advertise is through their website and therefore they need to be found on the search engines such as…

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Published by Liz on June 18, 2022

Should you consider using a CRM system with project time tracking

There are so many different CRM systems on the market that trying to find one that’s the best fit for your company can be a bit daunting. One big feature that lots of the systems have now is a project or task timer. This is where your employees can not only log the hours they…

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Published by Liz on April 27, 2022

Does professional marketing for your business pay for itself?

When looking at your business budgets it can be tempting to try to scrimp and save money wherever you can but sometimes it can actually be of detriment to your business to cut costs too much especially when it comes to marketing. You may think that by doing the marketing yourself you could save a…

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Published by Liz on March 23, 2022

Finding programmers that can work on your website

If you currently have a website but are in need of someone to do some work on it, you may struggle to find the right person. Although websites are coded using certain languages, you will often find every programmer writes code in slightly different ways and therefore it can be hard for someone else to…

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